Friday, July 3, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Gardens

Happy 4th of July Weekend! This week's installment of the home tour includes the outside of our home. We live in a wonderful neighborhood and I just love it here. We have a unique lot though as it really looks like we live in the middle of the woods, when in reality we don't.

Our house is a very typical home that you would find in the Northeast. There's not much brick up here. We don't get termites like they do in the south... so most houses up here are made of wood. (I learned that when we lived in the south and wondered why all the houses were made of brick or cement!) We do have brick houses up here, but it's not the standard like it is in the south.

Here's a hanging basket that lives in the front of the house by the garage. The colors match the house. (Yes, I did that on purpose!)

This is our first full summer in our home. And we tore out a lot of dead bushes earlier this year.

Sometimes you need to just start with a clean slate!

This is what the front looks like a couple months later. I love the lilac bush next to the garage...

This is our very private but wonderful back yard. We love to spend time on the deck. It's amazing how much sunlight it gets during the day being surrounded by all those trees.

This is the view from the road behind the house. Doesn't it look nice and secluded? Oh and that giant yard to the left? It's not ours, it's the neighbors. Our property line ends at the trees. Less mowing for us!

And what's a tour of the yard without the prettiest lawn ornament?? This is Jenny, our Welsh Corgi. She loves the yard... and fertilizes it quite often...

This tour can also include the garage. Our garage is still a bit of a mess... but we did do some cleaning out of it in May. I did a blog post about it.. if you'd like to see the garage, feel free to check it out here! And then head on back to Kellys Korner to continue the tour....


Michelle said...

Oh my - what a beautiful backyard!! It does look like you are in the woods. I bet you guys get a lot of enjoyment sitting on your back deck!

Lisa Shatzer said...

I love all the trees in your backyard. Looks like a haven.